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Digital Progect; Bloggers Are in the House!

Part of my Digital Project is to start blogging with my class. So far, the students have really enjoyed blogging and commenting on their friend’s blogs!

Our very first blog was posted by Kaleeha. She must have been excited to blog because I hadn’t even asked the class to start blogging or even taught a lesson about it. Kaleeha just went ahead and wrote about herself and family. Since the screen shots are too small to read, I have included a copy of their post below each picture.


  Kaleeha's first blog2


Kaleeha wrote;

Hello my name is Kaleeha.

My teachers are Mrs.Huber,Miss.Toshack and Mrs.Jones my class is a grade 4/5 class my classmates are so nice to me.  my best friend in my class room is Sarissa. Me and Sarissa were best friends for tow years  we love to play at recess  all the time . We love to play with are friends and we play soccer together and that is the end of this story.


Then Kaleeha wrote a second blog post;

My Famliy.

Hi I will be talking about my famliy.  My famliy are the Cappos and Ironstars too. When it is the summer we go to powwows me and my sisters and my dad dance at the powwows. My Mom gets us ready at the powwow some times at powwows we have braeds at the powwows and when the powwow is done they say how wins at powwows people juje the peopie that dance they are 4 places you can win 1234 those are the places you can win money  at the powwows.With the money i go shopping with my famliy and that is what we do in the summer.

THE END       Love,Kaleeha.

The next blog that stood out to me was Kaia’s. She wrote her entry right away and told us all about her trip to Banff.

Kaia's blog


Kaia wrote;

Hi, i’m going to tell you about my trip to Banff & Calgary! First off I packed up my stuff & my grandparents picked me up from Yorkton. In the car was me, my grandparents, aunt Sarah & Daycin, other wise known as my cousin. It was boring having to travel like about 8 hours, by then it would be night time so we just stopped at a hotel. Me, Daycin & Sarah went swimming! There was a water slide & me and Daycin went on it! We chased Sarah around in the swimming pool for fun. After we went to bed, but first we ate chips & dip and watched “America’s Funniest Home Videos” I have to admit, I laughed a lot of times! In the morning we went to see Calgary, well, you know you have to go through Calgary to go to Banff? Right? As soon as we saw the beautiful mountains I knew we were here. We got a hotel, it was pretty nice, we stayed there last year. We went swimming for 1 or 2 hours, the next day we went to the mountains, the view was so beautiful, the water was teal-ish blue, I wish I lived in Banff… after that we went to “Tony Roma’s” for dinner, it was delicious, I had ribs.. yum! The next day.. we went to Bruno’s Bar and Grill. Then my grandpa said we can go and shop, we did, me and Daycin got a ball that bounces on water!  – Continues after swimming lessons!

The next blogger I wanted to share, is Kiara. She is an example of the student in the class who is always happy and loves school. I also decided she was going to teach the next lesson on adjectives!

 Kiara wrote;

Hello my name is Kiara ,

I have three brothers and one sister. My family is the Cuellars ,we are Spanish! I have an awesome best friend named Kaia she is really nice.She always cheers me up.I have four inspiring friends.One of them is Kaleeha. Kaleeha is cool,amazing and creative.The second friend Sarissa. Sarissa is hilarious,pretty and good gymnast.Muna is a great dancer and a good stylist.Then Jade you can’t forget about Jade.Jade is very caring,kind and taught me a lot of stuff.

That’s all my friends,thanks for listening

By kiara

The next  students wrote a shorter amount in their blog. This would be an example of a typical student’s work in grade 4 that I would see.

Griffin's blogLucas' blog

Hello my name is Tailor I’m a older child I have one brother two sisters.Tanner Charlie and Vienna I go to my Dad’s every Thursday and  every second weekend I go to Soccer on Saturdays I like to play catch with Vienna and Tanner my sisters are two months(Charlie) one year nine months(Vienna)

Hi I am Griffin I love playing video games and I am 9.My dad loves playing video games with me and helps me. He is 39.My mom cleans a lot of stuff ,bathrooms ,living  rooms ect. She’s 34.Last my sister .She bugs me a lot like its her job but when she’s not bored she watch’s tv, dolls and facetiming my grandma. A lot!

Lucas shared a lot of information and added good detail but forget something really important. That’s right, punctuation!

Hi my name is Lucas I’m telling you about my family I have two brothers ones lane ones Cody lane likes to play football he is star running back and we also have Cody he is  funny and likes to play foot ball no matter what he was line backer in football also i have my dad he likes to build amazing things like wooden tables and my mom she likes to build with my dad and cook next me I like to play football and soccer thank you for reading my blog

My final blog post that I wanted to share is Kayden’s. We typically don’t see this much writing in class, but he sure likes to blog. I also didn’t know he is a HUGE fan of the Pats!

 Kayden's blog

Kayden wrote (unfortunately it doesn’t show all the different coloured fonts he chose for his entry);

My favorite team is the Regina Pats because they have good players and they win a lot.  I go to every game with my mom and my dad.  My favorite player this year is Sam Steele he wears number 39 on his jersey.  My second favorite player is Dryden Hunt number 29.  My favorite player that ever played for the Pats is Jordan Weal.  He is too old to play for the Pats.  He was assigned to the LA Kings. I named my guinea pig after him, her name is Wealz.  When I go to the Pats games I like to play mini sticks in the mini rink with my friends.  I even decorated my room in Pats colors, red, white and blue. I collect Pats cards and autographs, every time they autograph after a game, I get one.  When I play NHL 14 on my xBox 360 I always am the Pats.  I have 2 Pats jerseys, one of them is all signed from different players.  Another of my favorite players was Jordan Eberle and he is too old and now plays for the Edmonton Oilers.  You can only play for the Pats until you are 21 years old.  I went on the ice and skated with the Pats and got more autographs and they are my favorite favorite team.  I have mostly every single poster and they are signed.

Last of all, Isabelle shared a picture of her dog Guiness in one of her blog posts!


Progress, Progress, is Being Made!


My classroom website is coming together and taking shape. I had planned to add a page for favourite websites, a page to link our kid-blog website, and an about me page. I also wanted to learn how to create a screen-cast. Fortunately, all of my plans for the website went well. Janine Taylor  came to Dr. Hanna and we created a screen-cast together.

I started with adding to my about me page. Since, I am in a team teaching classroom and I have an intern, I wanted to include them. Here is a look at the page.





Next, I added the websites we use regularly. Initially, these websites were on our weebly webpage but they needed to be put on our new site. At this point, adding pages and links is becoming second nature and I can tackle these tasks with ease. Progress continues to be made!!!!

math website

Reading websites

Finally, I added a page for our class Kidblog. I wanted to have the link to the kid blog to make it user friendly for my students. So far, this seems to be working well. Most of the students have posted their blog and are commenting on their peers work. I included detailed instructions on how to add a blog post and created a screen-cast so I will never have to hear the excuse, “I didn’t know what to do.” I’m hopeful but not certain that the screen-cast will help!


Finally, I created 2 screen-casts. One is a quick look at the website and the other is a How To blog using Kidblog. These were easy to record but my work computer doesn’t like the screenr so it was giving me a hard time saying java was not available. Janine helped me change the settings so java will now allow the screenr website. Otherwise the recording of the screen-cast went smoothly (aside from the intercom and bell ringing at the very end)Lol!

I created this screen-cast to show my students how to post a blog. It went quite well and the students were excited to check it out!

Thank you for reading! I look forward to posting my next update on my website/digital project! Stay tuned…..

Have you ever heard of the story about Baby X?

4008229432_4fba7ec7e3_o (1)


cc vinspired_voicebox

Tuesday’s blackboard session with Audrey Watters took me back to my undergrad classes in Psychology. It seems like only a short time ago and yet it was more than 13 years ago. I became consciously aware of the many injustices in the world, that on a day to day basis, are rarely thought about.

Considering that I am in my 12th year of teaching, I have become so wrapped up in day to day teaching and day to day activities that these issues are rarely brought to my awareness. I appreciate this class for bringing about so much more awareness.

I respect and appreciate Audrey Watters for her work and the passion she shares with the public via the world wide web. She takes a risk and sets a great example for other woman to do the same. Considering Audrey Watters is well educated and has written 6 books and yet she still has to deal with death and rape threats and is harassed on a regular basis is hard to comprehend. If Audrey Watters can put herself out there then I can certainly try to do the same.

When I saw the video about celebrities reading mean posts on twitter, shared by Jeremy Black I feel a sense of compassion for them. I have read a few Instagram comments but many of them are so disrespectful and awful that I avoid them. Just like most celebrities try to do (I imagine) but it would be hard. A lot of the celebrities in the video laughed them off but I am pretty sure a lot of those tweets would ‘sting’ a bit!

The article Ryan Hicks posted about Barbie was another eye opener. It started off positive and then in no time, it became stereotypical of women having to ask for help. I found a recent article showing a new Barbie doll with acne, scars, average figure, tattoos, cellulite, etc. which I found interesting and I thought would be a great example to have a discussion about with a classroom of kids. It would be interesting to hear what their interpretation would be. Here are the observations of a grade 2 class comparing 2 barbie dolls.

After taking a number of Psychology and Sociology classes for my undergrad BA degree, I have always understood gender differences to stem from birth and even before the baby is born. I will always remember the story of baby X. Basically, it is about a child who was raised as both a boy and a girl to prevent gender biases and stereotypes. Here is an example from the article. It is a very interesting read;

“Ms. and Mr. Jones had to be Xtra careful. If they kept bouncing it up in the air and saying how strong and active it was, they’d be treating it more like a boy than an X. But if all they did was cuddle it and kiss it and tell it how sweet and dainty it was, they’d be treating it more like a girl than an X (Gould, 1978).”

This article really struck a chord with me back in 2000 because I still think of it today. Gender roles are part of our culture, society and everyday conversation. I like how the article really points out so many examples of how everyday conversations, questions, and controversies are focused on these roles.

The question still is, how do we go about making a positive change? It makes complete sense that if these gender roles are still very set in our society as a whole (at such a young age), it is not hard to imagine that so many people are being verbally abused in the form of threats, verbal harassment, snide remarks, etc., all over the internet to this day. Mansplaining (to get us to cower, to hesitate, to doubt ourselves and our stories and our needs, to step back, to shut up) is a problem for women in the technology industry and it really isn’t surprising that the percentage of females working for Google, Apple, Facebook, and Twitter is 70% male.

As Audrey Watters wrote, we can’t keep quiet or allow this abuse to go on. I hope to support a positive change in the male domination in the technology industry by doing just that. To speak up more, share videos and/or articles through twitter and other social media. Up to this point, I do speak out (verbally) and share my opinions on these matters. I find that so many people remain silent and I don’t mind being the person to speak out. I have co-workers that ask me (or hint) that I should ask a controversial question or question what we may be told to do. Often times, I will  speak up.

On the other hand, I will back down or question myself when someone becomes heated and/or belligerent during a discussion. It is not because I feel that I am wrong, but I feel flustered and cannot find the words to get my point across. Next time this happens to me, I am going to think about the term mansplaining and I hope at the end of the conversation I feel a sense of pride rather than thinking about what I should have said.

I could probably go on and on. This is the type of topic that would bring about a great discussion.

What other ways can we speak out to bring change to the male domination in the technology industry?

My Digital Storytelling Journey

Who knew storytelling could be so versatile and fun all at the same time? Listening to Alan Levine go through the many aspects of how students can tell a story was inspiring. I never knew how to get started with innovative ways to teach my students. It seemed too daunting so I just focused on what I always did. Now, I’m stepping really far outside my comfort zone by creating digital stories and videos.

My brother Trevor was always my go to guy for helping me with computers. He came up with a creative way to share his family’s skiing trips through an iMovie. When I first saw this video, I was really impressed. Never thought in a million years that I would soon be assigned the task of creating videos and digital stories myself.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 8.12.01 PMScreen Shot 2014-11-13 at 8.13.10 PM

Well, here goes!

I am glad I chose to start with the Animoto video. It was a great way to start because it is a user friendly site.

Here is my Animoto video; A Leisurely Day at the Beach

Creating the video went very well and I was able to finish it in about 10 minutes. Figuring out how to embed it in my blog is another 1 hour story.

I like that it was an activity that my students could do easily and in a short amount of time. My students will love it!

Next, I searched for comic apps and programs. I found Comic Life and was able to download it. I created a quick comic strip featuring a field trip to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. I know my students will enjoy creating a comic strip story.

comic strip

I wanted to try another type of digital story so I went to the site that posts 50 sites and apps for digital storytelling. I decided to try digital films to give myself and students a variety of options for digital storytelling. It took longer than expected but that seems to be the norm. Anyway, I ended up with a story/film that I can share with my students as an example. Check it out!

Finally, I chose to make one more Animoto video to post on my blog but I also want to share it with my class to help kickstart interest in making an Animoto video!

I am definitely planning on teaching a lesson with pechaflickr. Another great way to teach students to be more ‘dialed’ into learning. Since my intern is still on her 3 week block of teaching I will have to wait until the end of next week.

I was looking for a good comic strip free app for our class ipads? Does anyone know of a user friendly app for 9-10 year olds?

Thank you for reading!