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Major Project Rollout

IAMADIGITALCITIZEN (Follow the link to visit the new website!)

I am ecstatic to be done! It’s been a fun and challenging semester. Let’s talk about the major project first. This project initially looked entirely different. As I learned more and more about digital citizenship through this class, I realized that creating a practical resource for myself and other teachers, admin, and parents would be the best use of my time, as it would have purpose outside of this class. Too often in other classes term papers get written, then are left to collect dust on a shelf, or (cyberdust?) on Google Docs. I’m really happy with the results, and am glad I decided to create a resource that would support all those invested in teaching and supporting digital citizenship.

The following links provide a chronological summary of the content that speaks to the final project over the course of the semester:

Reflecting Upon the Need for Media Literacy in Our Classrooms

Digital Literacy Implementation: Not as Easy as it Seemed…

On the Digital Citizenship Trail: Bushwakking Through Articles

The Benefits of Incorporating Peer Assessment into a Game Development Project

Making Parents Accountable: The Missing Piece To Digital Citizenship Education

Four Strategies Every Teacher Needs to Meet Necessary Future Literacies For Students

Encouraging Teachers to Open the Doors to Digital Literacies in Their Classrooms

Using Read & Write for Google Chrome to Support Literacy Growth in the Classroom

Back Breaking Major Project

What’s the Point?

Common Sense Education’s Scope & Sequence VS. Ribble’s 9 Elements



ECI832 – Summary of Learning

Yay! The summary is done! I’ve used a mash-up approach to my summary of learning, which like in ECI831 seemed to fit the class. You’ll notice right away that I am taking clips that I have found online, and have repurposed them (in some ways more obvious than others) to fit the content of the video. Many of the clips were found on, a website that offers a wide variety of public domain, or Creative Commons licensed work. Other clips were taken from youtube using a Chrome add-on. The last time I made my summary of learning for ECI831, I wasn’t so worried about copyright infringement, as I knew that this was for educational purposes, because I was using select clips, and lastly because I figured my audience would be in the +10’s, and so I would fly under the radar.

This class, and the research I did when compiling the website I made for my final project, helped me to better understand what is and isn’t ok. The best way to quickly summarize how fair use works is to watch this video by Common Sense Media:

This helped me to ensure that anything I was using was justified because it fell within the 4 Points of Fair Use. The only portion I gave credit to was the music, which was something I just didn’t have the time to do myself. Lindstrom is an amazing musician from Norway, and aside from the track being solid, it also met the time requirements for a song without needing to loop, and thus draw attention to.

I wish I had a better mic as the sound quality of the voice isn’t as great as I would like. I would also have liked to have had access to higher quality video files, as when they are blown up full screen, they lose a lot of their quality.

The video was created entirely in iMovie.

I hope you enjoyed the summary. Let me know what you thought!

Gr 8 Sweaters

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Dear Grade 8 Students and Parents/Guardians:

            Thanks to the efforts of one of our fabulous parents, all grade 8 students have the opportunity to order a hooded, pull-over sweatshirt to commemorate their final year at Jack MacKenzie School.  The look/layout of the sweatshirt will be as follows:

1.       The colour is black with the Jack MacKenzie logo on the front;
2.       The logo and lettering will be a combination of silk screening and embroidery;
3.       Student’s name and the number 16 (for 2016) will be on the back;
Sweaters cost $48.00 plus tax for a total of $50.40.  If interested, please completely fill in the order form below and submit with payment to homeroom teachers.  All orders need to be submitted by Tuesday, December 8, 2015.  A sizing kit has been available in the hallway since Friday, November 27th.  Please confirm your appropriate size.

Student’s Name:                                                         ,           Homeroom:                                        
Size:  (circle one) Youth L / Youth XL / S / M / L / XL / 2XL  (Samples of each size can be found on the band instrument table in the senior pod)

Payment of $50.40 is enclosed.  Exact change or cheque, made payable to Jack MacKenzie School.

Sexual Education

November 26, 2015
Dear Parents/Guardians:
Beginning Monday, November 30th, our next unit of study in the Health class will be the Sex Education unit.  The purpose of this unit is to equip students with the information they need to make healthy life decisions and to support others to do the same.  I am hoping to cover most of the curriculum before we break for Christmas holidays so the study of sexual knowledge, attitudes and healthy decision making will be brief but helpful.  The curriculum outcomes regarding this study are as follows:
Assess the social, cultural, and environmental influences on and supports for sexual health knowledge, attitudes, behaviours, and decisions. 
Appraise the role of “support” in making healthy decisions related to family roles and responsibilities, non-curable infections/diseases, violence and abuse, body image, sustainability, and sexual health. 
Analyze the health opportunities and challenges, and establish “support others” personal goal statements, related to family roles and responsibilities, non-curable infections/diseases, violence and abuse, body image, sustainability, and sexual health. 
As part of this unit, I will be working alongside a parent of the school, who is also a health care professional.  Together, we plan to show a detailed power point presentation, depicting actual photos of the effects of several sexually transmitted infections.  The photos in this slide show are of infected male and female genitalia.  I understand that not everyone will feel comfortable allowing their child to see these photos and I respect that opinion.  If you are not comfortable allowing your child to see this power point, or if your child feels uncomfortable watching, they will be excused from the class.  An alternate assignment will then be sent home for your child to complete with you, in order to meet the curriculum requirements. This presentation will take place on Thursday, December 10, 2015.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I can be reached at the school at (306) 791-8585 or by email:
Take care and have a great weekend.

Angela Scott

Jack MacKenzie School             

Common Sense Education’s Scope & Sequence vs. Ribble’s 9 Elements

Ok, this will be brief.

As part of my final project, I’ve been summarizing each of Ribble’s 9 Elements, and providing resources to support those using it in their classrooms or homes. I chose Ribble’s framework initially because it correlates with the new Saskatchewan Digital Citizenship Continuum that just came out. It just made sense to create a support framework around the system schools in SK will be (hopefully) hearing more about in the months and years to come.

The only real drawback with Ribble’s 9 is that while it seems pretty comprehensive, when it comes time to making the attempt to explicitly teach any of the 9 elements, only several, like Digital Literacy, Digital Etiquette have clearly defined boundaries. Many of the other elements do not have these, and as such blend together. This has made it hard to offer a good series of lessons that aren’t constantly overlapping within each of the 9 other elements.

I’d often wondered why Ribble hasn’t made it rich and created a strong practical component that would complement the theoretical idea of the 9 elements. The issue he probably came up against is that to clearly define 9 elements forces one to create resources that are tailored and specific to each of the 9. While I agree there needs to exist some sort of definition, these need to be more in the background, and not necessarily all specifically taught.

Common Sense Media, in my mind, has done a fantastic job of working through this issue. Rather than focus specifically on specific issues within Digital Citizenship, their scope and sequence lessons, using the elements as a springboard for lessons where the elements often overlap, is a brilliant one. It’s also a frustrating one, because of all the time I have spent working on my own 9 elements pages, only to come to this conclusion so late in the game is really annoying.

The only thing that is keeping me from deleting all those pages (other than all the late nights compiling resources) is that while Common Sense Media’s lessons are incredible, Ribble’s 9 exist as a means of educating teachers and parents explicitly in each of the 9 Elements. And this might be the most important part for any parent or teacher to learn. Blindly following a lesson, without understanding the larger underpinning reason why this content needs to be taught won’t provide the authentic learning and modeling of said behaviours that children are going to be looking for in their teachers/parents.

So, in repurposing the 9, they will serve less as a means of actually instructing in the classroom, as Common Sense Media clearly has that nailed down, but more of a resource for teachers/parents to better understand the different facets of Digital Citizenship, so that they can have a better overall understanding of what is out there.

Ok, back to it!