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Using AI as an Ed Tech tool…. SAY WHAT?!?!

After class I took some time to process what we had discussed in class.  I will say that the world of AI and Chat GPT was definitely new to me.  Initially I was intrigued and I thought it was all very interesting.  As I processed all the information presented to us I began to think about how can this become a tool in the classroom.  I came across a blog post titled Unleashing the Power of Chat GPT in Education.  In this post it gives a variety of ideas of how you could use it with the students in your classroom.  You could use it in various different ways in your Literacy lessons.  It could be used as tool for your EAL students.  It can even be used in your math lessons.  As I continued to look there were some other interesting articles on the Chat GPT debate.  Even as I read different thoughts and opinions on the topic, I still felt as though I am intrigued, but I am not sure if I am completely convinced yet.  I don’t think I am fully ready to jump on the Chat GPT train.  I feel as though it could be used as a useful tool for your students,  but is it useful for all of your students?  Maybe it could be used as a differentiation tool, it could be used for those students that we have in our classroom who struggle to get anything down on a piece of paper.  The world of AI and Chat GPT is interesting, but is it the future of education… I am still not sure?

Me, Myself, and Ed Tech

Hello Everyone!  I am a grade 5 teacher at Ruth M. Buck School in Regina.  For the most part, I feel I am fairly comfortable with technology.  I can usually learn quickly or at least fumble my way through until I have taught myself how to use it.  Within my classroom, Google Classroom is my LMS format of choice and since being thrown into the world of online teaching, Google Classroom has become a staple.  I will use it to post assignments, videos, or websites that I would like my students to take a look at.  I find it is a lot easier to track when students turn in assignments, so it helps keep me more organized.   If I had learned anything teaching during a pandemic is the importance of technology in the classroom.  I find that students are driven by it, almost all of the students in my classroom have some sort of device at their fingertips, whether it be a phone or tablet they are immersed in the digital world.  So it has forced me to step up my tech game.  As for myself and like most others I use social media for connection with friends and family who I don’t see or speak to regularly.  It gives me the opportunity to see what they are up to.  When my twitter account is used, I use it more professionally, my posts or retweets are connected to teaching or what is going on in my classroom.  I will say I have not dived into the tikTok world and not sure I have fallen down a few tikTok rabbit holes (as I am sure most of us have), but have not used it as a place to post.   As I have begun my master’s journey, I have learned and used other online tools like Padlet (for creating discussions), Canva, and also the blogging world (as this is my second class with a blogging aspect).  I am looking forward to learning more about what is out there in the Ed Tech world and how I can incorporate into my classroom!


Hello everyone!  My name is Jacquie Vierling.  I am currently enrolled in the Teaching, Learning and Leadership Masters program.  This is my 5th masters class.  I am a Grade 5 teacher at Ruth M. Buck school here in Regina.  I am excited to learn with all of you throughout the semester and to learn more about the Ed. Tech World!