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Welcome to Blogging!

Firstly, let’s start with the basics. What exactly is a blog? What is blogging? Who are these people that you’ve no doubt heard about, called bloggers?

A blog (or ‘weblog’ to give it its full name) is a website on which the user or ‘blogger’ regularly posts items on a regular basis. Most bloggers focus on a particular topic, hobby or interest. Many blogs are written like online diaries. A typical blog will be text-based, with images added, sometimes video is featured and it may also include links to other blogs or websites.

Blogs have come a long way since the first-ever blog was created in 1994. Personal blogs are still popular, but businesses soon got in on the act. There are plenty of kid bloggers too.  A blog can be about any subject. It’s amazing to see where starting a personal blog can lead for kids.

Tavi Gennison is a fantastic example. Now 21 and a writer, editor and actress, she first became known for her Style Rookie blog which she started at the age of 12, focusing on fashion. By the age of 15, Tavi had begun to blog about feminism and pop culture. At the other end of the kid blogging spectrum, you will find children that blog about their school day, what they did on their holidays or their pets.

Your Task: Please comment on this post. In a short paragraph, tell me about different ideas that you could blog about that you are interested in.