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Don’t forget about Dre(ah)

Hello from BC! My name is Drea. People always as me how do you pronounce your name? It’s Dre (like Dr. Dre), Ah.

I am an English teacher in Nanaimo-Ladysmith School District on Vancouver Island, BC. In the last eight years, I have been teaching in both the face to face classroom and the distance education classroom. In addition to teaching, I worked at Vancouver Island University’s Online Development Team in various roles from OnlineAssistant to Educational Technologist. I have experience working in Moodle, WebCT, and Blackboard to develop fully online courses at the high school and university levels.

This year I have been working at a DL school that is part of our public school system. I am currently teaching English, Writing, Drama, and Planning online. I have accepted a position in a f2f classroom, teaching info tech next year as I did not get my current position back. In addition to working full time, I am also doing the ETAD program through the University of Saskatchewan. I am taking two classes during the summer session, this one and Program evaluation.

I am really passionate about technology. I grew up on the cutting edge of PC and internet use. I want to learn the best practices for teaching online. Everything I know about teaching online has come from real world, practical, hands-on experiences.

Okay, enough about my “tech street cred”, I am a huge nerd. I love superheroes, Star Trek, Star Wars, everything by Joss Whedon (well, maybe not Dollhouse but most things), Sherlock, X-Files and Halloween. There’s probably more, but I’m just forgetting it right now.


From the Avengers – Used under Fair Dealing Copyright Law Unable to find original creator

I read a lot, and I read very quickly which is an asset for an English teacher. I am currently working on writing a novel. I wrote 30,000 words last summer. As my reward for reaching my writing goal, my husband and I drove to San Diego. We went to the zoo and Disneyland (and the LA Coroner Gift Shop – Yes, the LA Coroner has a gift shop). We stopped at different tourist things along the way. But my favorite moment was sitting on the beach in California with my husband, eating store bought sandwiches while the waves crashed against the sandy beach.

Picnic on the Beach

Taken by me

I usually only tweet during conferences, but here is a link to my twitter account