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Our Summary of Learning!

What a long process but we made it!

Leigh and I were able to do a very special Summary of Learning for both EC&I 832 and 834. Leigh was in 832 when Covid shut all classes down in 2020 (therefore did not do an SoL) and she is taking 834 right now. I am currently in both 832 and 834 so we decided to team up to do a big Summary of Learning.

This was Leigh’s first time and my second time using a green screen – so I had some skills I had to brush up on and was able to teach her a few tricks to the trade. We met at her school and worked for hours upon hours and finally nailed it! There were quite a few bloopers involved and we had a blast, but we are definitely thankful it is done!

EC&I 832 and 834 were very complimentary courses to take together. Even my Major Projects had elements I could link between the two courses of study to create a more holistic experience for myself as a professional. We were able to take key pieces away from each course and link them with the larger overarching themes of both courses, such as the concept of Online Learning and LMS from 834 as well as Ribble’s 9 Elements of Digital Citizenship and understanding digital literacy from 832. Because of the complementary overlap, we felt confident in bridging the two classes for a unified Summary of Learning. PLUS, Leigh got her redemption shot and bragging rights of being the only person from 832 Winter 2020 to complete an SoL! This is her last Grad class and it was an honour to help be a part of her journey!

Take a peek at our video – we tried to work in a few pieces of humour as we have a long history of working together and going to Grade 12 grad together as well! We haven’t aged a bit… only older and wiser! #GradDatesDoGradStudies

Source: Click here for our list of References

I am looking forward to a successful spring semester of EC&I 831!

Until then…