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For my final Project #ECI831

I have decided to focus my major digital project for #ECI 831 in Option A: to undertake a major digital project that involves the integration/development of open educational resources related to my practice.

Specifically, I am going to design, implement and assess a parent education initiative on social media.

I am going to use the book I self published as the core content and I intend to create a variety of open source resources based on the material I wrote.  When I decided to write the book, I was motivated by parents who were looking for a resource to help them with their kids and managing technology and social media.
I had always intended to build out more resources for parents beyond the book, but I never have.  My website has a blog and I have been terrible at being consistent about writing.  In fact, my last post was in April .... of 2018.  

I previously had a section that was intended to have lots of resources for parents where they could find more information, but I removed it from my website because it was empty.  I never found the time, and did not make the time to complete it.

So, that is why I think this might be the right time for this project!  

Here are some of my ideas for content I plan to research, create, curate and collaborate on:

- research links to existing articles, videos and online resources to help parents with information on social media, research etc that will help empower them with information to help with parenting their kids in an area they may not feel comfortable or familiar with.

- create a free version of my book - I am thinking either a video series or an audio book that could be available online from my website

- create a podcast series where I interview experts that provide insights and information from different perspectives for parents to learn from.

- write at least 4 blog posts by the end of the class on the on this project

I welcome ANY feedback from my classmates.  Would this be a valuable resource?  Do you agree with my content suggestions that I might build out?  Any other suggestions.

P.S. I would like to offer to send anyone who is interested in a copy of my book.  I would really value your feedback on that too.

Thanks everyone!

My Relationship with Social Media….

This week we were asked to describe our relationship with social media and how has it affected personal or professional life.

Social media has had a HUGE impact in my life both personally and professionally.

Ever since I was young, I have been fascinated with connecting with people.  When meeting new people, I LOVE to hear their story.  Who are they?  Do we share something in common?

So, when social media launched I was immediately hooked.

My first social network was a Facebook account.  It was amazing to be able to connect online with my large family that are scattered throughout the world.  I recognized quickly that I could connect with people instantly and loved staying current on what they were up to in life.  In 2008 it was my high school reunion, and I planned the entire event using Facebook to connect with former classmates!

I joined Twitter in 2007 - it is one of the only platforms that I was able to secure my username @nsmith - this was a great feat considering how common my last name is!  It took me a long time to figure out what Twitter was or how I would use it personally/professionally.  I focused most of my effort on building my personal brand as a social media professional and connected with many like minded professionals globally.  It was amazing to me that if I tweeted at someone like an author that I liked - sometimes they would reply back!  I was able to have a conversation with people that I would not otherwise have access to in real life.

My career shifted in 2010 from being a marketer responsible for creating marketing campaigns to promote Alberta as a destination to visit with Travel Alberta and I moved to creating social media accounts for the organization.  It was a defining moment in my career and I was fortunate to become one of the first wave of professionals for social media.  Yes, I got paid to be on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all day :)

I was able to experiment with different types of content and loved the opportunity to connect with people around the world on a shared interest - Alberta!  I discovered the power of community and started to share content from real people who would take beautiful photos while experiencing the Province.

Since then I have been fortunate to work in the field of social media and have helped many brands and companies on how to use social media effectively for marketing and communications.  Currently I work with the City of Calgary and we are changing how we connect, inform and engage with citizens using social media.

Today I actively use Facebook for staying in touch with friends and family, Twitter to find out what is happening in the world and about topics I care about, Linkedin to connect with colleagues and network professionally, and Instagram to be inspired with beautiful photos and to share images of things I love like hiking, my dog and my garden.

I love to help people navigate how they can use social media effectively and I currently teach social media courses at Mount Royal University and the University of Calgary.  I also speak at conferences and give workshops on the topic.

So, I guess you can say my relationship with social media is pretty strong.

Hi, I’m Nancy.

Hi, I'm Nancy.

I am excited to be a part of this session of EC&I 831.  I am a passionate advocate for social media and have been an active participant in this social wave since it all began back about 15 years ago.

It was a natural fit for me, since I am a very social person.  I love having conversations with people and learning their story and making connections to what we have in common.  I have experienced the positive aspects of what social media can do to help bring people together, to learn more online and much more.


This is my 2nd course in my grad studies.  My goal for this course aligns with the goals I had for my 1st course:

1. I want to become more aware of HOW to incorporate social media in my teaching to help facilitate the learnings for my students of the benefits of social media for establishing a personal learning environment and network.  I have been focused on teaching how social media works technically, but am keen to help students understand the WHY it can be so powerful.

2. I want to learn more tools and techniques on how to enrich my online courses so that students who take courses online feel the same engagement and connection to the material and me as an instructor as they do when we are in the classroom.  This has been a challenging one for me.  I applied several of the approaches we learned in EC&1 834 in my most recent session of teaching and had very positive feedback from my students.  I also felt WAY more connected to the students and the content, so I'll take that as a big WIN!

Looking forward to getting to know all of you over the next few months!