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Try to do better in ECI830

It’s a new semester and I decided to carry on the journey on educational technology. I hope I can do better and make obvious progress this time.

I come from a north coastal proviance in China. I once was a Chinese language teacher and I valued that job. I prefer to take education as a lifelong career and I am interested in early childhood education because I can get quiet along well with kids. I hope I will have chance to make a successful ECE teacher.

I have wrote a very detailed self-introduction for eci831 last semester and you can find it HERE if you’re interested. It’s a little bit strange that I’d like to hold on to hi-tech education because there are totally different Internet system and few communication between here and China so it took a long time for me to get familiar with the social media and Internet issues last semester. This time I’d like to further the educational technology, and I hope I can do better than the last time I did. I want to be more active and engaged during the coming process.15804162094_bd06a34bd0

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After reading the syllabus, I find myself interested in many of the debating topics, such as “Schools should not be teaching anything that can be googled” “Technology is making our kids unhealthy” “Social media is ruining childhood” and so on. Those are all relevant issues to our life and teaching career, and seems complicated and need logically thinking and discussing. Maybe we cannot reach a certain judgement about those hitting issues, but the value lies just in the exploring process. So I’m really looking forward to the following classes. I’m not good at logically thinking and debating but this process, I believe, will force me to calm down and think about those questions carefully and gain deeper understanding about those daily-ignored common issues.

Sharing and communicating with classmates is another valuable resourse, especially in such an opening internet context. Hope you give me feedback and precious comments.

My twitter is @Haiming_L .