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Sharing is Caring…is it online?

The topic of sharing online is a controversy that many people struggle with. How much to I put online? Is it fair to share kids pictures and work? People’s digital footprints are shaped by the different ways people answer these questions and more. These footprints are crucial to ones reputation. A blog on gives an interesting quote. “If you aren’t controlling who you are online, some else is or will.” Is this true? If we are make the choice not to share, are other people shaping our identities? For the amount of fake Facebook accounts, one could argue that this is totally true. The worst part about having a fake account online is that it does not go away. It will simply slid down the google feed the less people use it. Digital footprints are more like permanent tattoos argues Juan Enriquez. He discusses how are permanent, immortal and including lots of data.


Credited to Tattoo Easily

So is leaving our mark a good thing? All of our data we put out online, will be accessible always. That is a whole lot of data when we consider our youth are being posted online even as they experience their first days in this world. All of their lives are uploaded. Is this a good thing? Will this affect our children’s future? This could be argued either way. I think we need to look at what the kid wants and use that not so common “common sense”. Posting videos of temper tantrums of your kids could be detrimental to them in their futures but, positive things could help market them to peers or future employers. It goes back to taking control of your digital foot print. Some students find sharing there work motivating. The public audience pushes them to achieve more and be better. Even young children are excited to share online!


So is sharing photos and work really caring? Is it a positive thing that we can watch our youth grow and change online? Is there anything we can do about it?