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Ed Tech Feud!

Another class come and gone in this Master’s program. I do love these classes that have a focus on education technology and the issues surrounding the topic. This is my third class of ECI with a focus on Ed tech and probably my last one for a while as I cross back over to EDL in the fall. I was fortunate enough to work with Kelly Ziegler again in her final class in her Ed Tech Certificate! Congratulations Kel! We had fun making this slideshow and then putting some funny twists on it. Hope you enjoy the video and the journey we went on.

When we started with this idea a simple search on Google of “Family Feud Templates” lead me to Ditch That Book. From there I went through many of my notes on the debates, read blogs, and re-listened to make sure I was doing proper justice to all my colleagues hard work. Once we had all the information it we began typing it into the template from above. However, when I played it through I was not satisfied with the overall fell of the slide show.

  1. From there we went onto Kelly’s favourite, Canva! We began to make a template there along with the red X you will see in the video. Canva made it easy as it works similar to Google docs where you can both work on it simultaneously with auto saves. We downloaded the files and were able to plug them right into PowerPoint.
  2. We did use PowerPoint to collect all our information on. Kelly and I live in different cities and we wanted to the video not feel like another zoom. There is nothing wrong with that, we have just done it before and we like to create something new for each class/project.
  3. While listening to the video you will hear sounds that may be familiar to a Family Feud fan. I found these on YouTube and then used FLV2MP3 to download the audio files from the YouTube videos. I recommend if using this with students you have adblocker on because some of the ads are not appropriate for schools or a younger audience.
  4. Once we had the show set up we wanted to record our voice which you will hear for the answers. I was wishing we had a third person because we wanted a different voice for the host. I remembered something I saw on TikTok where you could use text to voice using a famous person’s voice. After a quick Google we were able to find fakeyou down and they had Steve Harvey’s voice!
  5. Then we had a split in the road as we were trying to figure out of to get us into the PowerPoint. As I said we don’t live in the same city. The idea hit us to use BitMoji extension on our Chrome browser so there was at least a visual representation of us! This is where we had a good time putting in some funny BitMojis.
  6. After we had everything we were able to mess around with transitions till we had it working just by starting it and having good timing along with all our little plug ins.
  7. I then used OBS studio to record the PowerPoint. I’m sure there is an easier way I am just familiar with OBS and find it easy to navigate for exactly what I want.

Now please enjoy the video!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this blog and watch the video. I want to thank Kelly again for agreeing to partnering up with me and having fun! I appreciated everyone’s point of view throughout the class and found it a rich experience to hear everyone’s thoughts on some hot button topics!

Summary of Learning

I enjoyed this course and the format Katia used to engage us in the current and emerging trends, issues, and developments in educational technology. The critical discussions we engaged in through The Great EdTech Debate will stay with me throughout my continuing endeavors with technology. Everyone debated their topics with passion and made compelling arguments. The video highlights the key points I took from each topic.

Thank you to Katia and all of you. I have learned so much from each of you and even changed some of my thoughts on all of the issues presented. I wish you all the best in the remainder of your courses. This is my last course in my Masters of Curriculum and Instruction and I am glad I ended taking this course with you. It was valuable to my learning experience!