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The End of Ed Tech Debates

I’m notorious for going over time limits on assignments, so I am quite proud of myself for not going over this summary! Although I do have to admit, the first recording was over the 9 minute mark. Whew, I’m a little emotional as this is the final assignment for my M.Ed. It has been a great opportunity to connect with upcoming leaders in education through this program, and I look forward to hopefully meeting some of you in person someday!

I’m late to producing a podcast, but it felt right to try something new for my final (for now) assignment. It’s never too late!

I wish all my classmates the best of luck in continuing their education and to those that are done this semester, we made it! I can’t wait to see the difference you all make.

Happy Teaching,


Yeah, We Learn From It, All Of ‘Em Days When We Were Young and Wild, Yeah, We Turned Up that Summary of Learning with All Those Debate Topics…

A Final Summary of Learning A Few Quick Thoughts I have to say, the Summary of Learning project is always a task that I feel the least comfortable with. Luckily, Durston came to the rescue and brought me on board for a second time to work on our Summary of[Read more]


I really tried to get my creative juices flowing for this Summary of Learning!

Another informative and enjoyable Ed Tech class has come and gone. I started my masters journey one year ago by taking EC&I 833 with Katia. I decided to honor this milestone with a parody of the MTV show Catfish. Titled Katiafish, this Summary of Learning had me diving deeper into my reflections only to find that Ed Tech was really Ed N00bsy, a digital nuisance plaguing teachers. I hope you enjoy!

Thank you to all my classmates for all the new learnings over the past few weeks. HAPPY JUNE everyone. Have a safe and wonderful summer break!

Summary of Learning

Wow! This course was quick. I want to share my Summary of Learning through this video. This is the first time I have made a video alone; though I faced a few challenges but did my best. I hope you all will like it. It has been an incredible journey for me and I am obliged to gain knowledge from everyone. All the debates were amazingly performed and the participants shared some great points.

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Gunpreesh Kaur 🙂

That’s a Wrap! – Summary of Learning

Welcome to my Summary of Learning for my second grad studies course, EC&I 830 – Contemporary Issues in Educational Technology. This was my first Masters of Education tech course and I knew going into it that I had a big challenge ahead of me and a lot to learn!

However, the main purpose of taking my Masters in Education is to learn and grow. If I already had the acquired skill set in this area of teaching and technology, then it would therefore be irrelevant for me to complete the course.

Learning is growth, and growth leads to positive change within our classrooms and society. In life, we will continue to live and teach in a dominantly digital world. Therefore, it is vital as both educators and members of society, that we learn how to navigate the use of technology in a purposeful way.

A quote to signify the importance of professional growth: “If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.” – John Dewey

As I continue to become further educated on the topic of education and technology, I look forward to developing and enhancing my pedagogy of technology in the classroom.

I want to send out a huge thank-you to you Katia, and all of my fellow classmates for a wonderful learning experience in EC&I 830. Wishing you all the best with your future endeavors of tech use and education!

Summary of Learning

Welcome to review my Summary of Learning for EC&I 830!

Here is the link you can view as a full-screen:


The Mindful Grey: EC&I 830 Summary of Learning

Wow, there just are no words. It’s cliche but that first class went by in a flash! Please enjoy my summary of learning. I keep trying to push myself outside of my comfort zones; from podcasts to videos…and now this. Slam poetry! Yes, you read that right, slam poetry…or my attempt at it.

None of this learning would have been possible without you all; so thank you for joining me on this snippet of my journey. Best wishes on your own path.

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Until we meet again…