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ECI832 – Summary of Learning

Yay! The summary is done! I’ve used a mash-up approach to my summary of learning, which like in ECI831 seemed to fit the class. You’ll notice right away that I am taking clips that I have found online, and have repurposed them (in some ways more obvious than others) to fit the content of the video. Many of the clips were found on, a website that offers a wide variety of public domain, or Creative Commons licensed work. Other clips were taken from youtube using a Chrome add-on. The last time I made my summary of learning for ECI831, I wasn’t so worried about copyright infringement, as I knew that this was for educational purposes, because I was using select clips, and lastly because I figured my audience would be in the +10’s, and so I would fly under the radar.

This class, and the research I did when compiling the website I made for my final project, helped me to better understand what is and isn’t ok. The best way to quickly summarize how fair use works is to watch this video by Common Sense Media:

This helped me to ensure that anything I was using was justified because it fell within the 4 Points of Fair Use. The only portion I gave credit to was the music, which was something I just didn’t have the time to do myself. Lindstrom is an amazing musician from Norway, and aside from the track being solid, it also met the time requirements for a song without needing to loop, and thus draw attention to.

I wish I had a better mic as the sound quality of the voice isn’t as great as I would like. I would also have liked to have had access to higher quality video files, as when they are blown up full screen, they lose a lot of their quality.

The video was created entirely in iMovie.

I hope you enjoyed the summary. Let me know what you thought!