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Back Breaking Major Project

Long time no blog. Well, not this one at least. Since the last two posts, and three screencasts later I have really realized that the time I have to keep at my final project is slowly dwindling down to nothing. And there’s still so much to do!

I made the mistake of thinking that the website design would fall into place, but after a week of nights I’m finally starting to get it to look the way I originally envisioned: A static front page with little clutter, and clear images that represent the different sections I am focusing on (9 elements, teachers, parents, schools).

A sneak peek of how well it’s coming along

I really don’t want to use anyone else’s images for this project, which will mean either creating my own in illustrator, or doing something else…

I am struggling with content for some of Ribble’s 9 elements, which is helping to answer the question I had earlier on in the year which was ‘why did Ribble stick to the elements, without giving some concrete examples of how they can be integrated into the classroom?’ I totally see why now. It’s hard to differentiate the different categories (and really, should you?), as many of them overlap.

I have had an easier time with resources for the teachers/parents/and schools sections, which is really the main focus: Getting reluctant teachers, parents, and schools a lifeline to start thinking about these issues, and how to easily implement them in their schools/homes. That said, I still plan on making several videos that will condense the information I will be sharing into an easy to digest format. I have realized through reading too many papers and articles this semester, that often it’s much easier to watch a video to help all the concepts gel much better. Plus, it’s easier to access for those busy people who don’t have time to read a bunch of stuff on the blurry screen of computerland.

Anyone else tired?