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“Day in the life” with Technology

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Technology can be overwhelming with all the different devices and social platforms that encompass our lives today. Sitting here thinking about the tools I use in my personal life I thought my iPhone but as I look around there are more devices such as my streaming tv and Alexa Echo.

iPhone main uses: texting, google, social media (Discord, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter), Podcasts, alarm clock, and various other apps such as banking, weather, calander, email, etc. the list goes on……

I am however not a big social media poster. I fit under the scroll and lurk category. I like using social media to see what family or friends are doing in there lives as I do not always have time to catch up with everyone. The most important people I connect with everyday is through text messaging or Facetime. It is surprising how rarely I actually make phone calls to chat.

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Streaming Tv: Disney Plus, Netflix, Prime

It is embarrassing how time I spend binge watching shows on all of these platforms.

Alexa Echo: When I am too lazy to google, play music, and display pictures.

I do not use this device its full potential but I may get there one day.

Technology in the classroom is an area that I am gaining more confidence in using and can not teach with out it. School technology devices I use everyday are my laptop, data projector, computer carts, FM system and student devices. Devices are used to teach and engage my students learning.

Laptop: email, lesson plans, online booking, online calendar, parent communication, EDSBY, student programs (Google classroom, WeVideo, Canva, Google slides and documents, and more…..)

Data Projector: videos, lesson plans, worksheets, games, and anything I project to guide in students learning.

My data projector quit working and while waiting to have it fixed I felt lost and did not know what to do as I rely on it everyday. My students also felt the strain of not having it. When I fist began my teaching career I was more than capable to teach without the technology we use today. We have transformed in how we teach over the last decade especially with online learning during the COVID pandemic. I can only imagine how it will change and progress in the next decade or 2.