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Can I imagine my life without technology?

I rely on technology to get through the day at home, school, and work (alarm clock, cell phone, microwave, cooker, refrigerator). There is no area in which technology has not impacted me, and I use technology to monitor my daily activities. Its global availability excites me, and no one can predict where technology will take us in the coming years, just as it did a few years ago. Funny but truthfully, I can’t live without my smartphone, and thankfully, I never have to, unless I choose to, which is extremely rare. I use my smartphone to research and improve aspects of my well-being, such as health, social interaction with family and friends (both in-person and online), education, and, most importantly, employment.

I use my phone to get an up-to-date map, order food and taxis, update information about my status, navigate the streets using public transportation, listen to music, etc. Similarly, I can get answers to my questions by simply asking my smartphone and browsing the internet. Most people I’ve met knew me through my smartphone and the internet, where I shared photos with family and loved ones and used video to connect. Last week, around this time, my niece called to ask for help with an assignment she was having trouble with; we solved the problem together via a video chat. Yes, they contact me via smartphone regardless of where I am. Another tool I use is the messaging app, which allows me to connect with people who have provided me with support and given me the opportunity to talk about life’s challenges. Unlike Facebook, one of the leading apps I use is WhatsApp because it allows me to have one-on-one conversations with others, which is more personal and healing than other social media networks. I overcame feelings of sadness, depression, and loneliness while using this app.

When I moved to Canada, I got used to using the zoom more often, as it was rarely used in my home country. Previously, lectures, course materials, and class assignments were submitted to the class representative in person. However, with the transition to Zoom, submitting assignments online was a new experience for me, and the most significant barrier I face is “striking a balance” between work and school. I had to restructure, readjust, and relearn, but I was able to get the most out of my classes as a result of the change. Technology has had a major impact on every aspect of my life, and I believe the best is yet to come.