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If social justice doesn’t happen on social media, did it happen at all?

Exploring the world of social justice and social media… In the article Amanda & Jacquie shared, Scherman and Rivera suggest that “citizens’ political participation stands at the “heart of democracy” (Verba et al., 1995, p. 1).” And, in one of the articles Alec shared, Benjamin Doxtdator argues that “our schools are not neutral contexts and … Continue reading "If social justice doesn’t happen on social media, did it happen at all?"

Digital Citizenship… to teach or not to teach?

This week’s debate: “Educators and schools have a responsibility to help their students develop a digital footprint.” Ultimately I understand the arguments that the “disagree” side was making: teachers are not fully equipped to teach about digital citizenship, and the responsibility should ultimately lie with parents. As well, the responsibility of teaching this adds more … Continue reading "Digital Citizenship… to teach or not to teach?"

The Digital Divide

Of all the debates so far, this one has inherently been the most difficult to take a stand on. The arguments are so complex, and so nuanced, and so NOT black and white. They are also very much based on location and circumstances. In some areas technology has lead to a more equitable society. It … Continue reading "The Digital Divide"

Digital Humanity… harder than Human-ing Humanity?

Ok, I think being a responsible digital citizen might legitimately be more difficult than being a real, human citizen. And, I’m only being a little bit facetious when I say that. Why? The anonymity of the internet brings out the worst in humanity. Those things that we don’t say out loud, the videos that we … Continue reading "Digital Humanity… harder than Human-ing Humanity?"