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Google? Helpful or Hurtful?

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I feel we all agree with the statement posted on the left.  Now what?  As educators, knowing the power of technology holds,  how can we incorporate it well to engage youth yet continuously drawing attention to the enhance technology has on learning?

It is a hope that Saskatchewan Education programming takes the pandemic progression of the valid utilization of technology and continues to allow it to flourish.  In the article explaining progression in the U.K. for secondary schools, new, flexible, less prescriptive secondary curriculum hopes to permit teachers to have more freedom to make lessons more relevant and interesting for their students.

The 3rd EC&I830 Debate allowed for similar thoughts surrounding the use of Google in classrooms.  Curtis & Lisa discussed the 4Cs All of which are important elements of learning and can be enhanced with the use of technology.

  • Creation
  • Consumption
  • Curation
  • Connection



They also reminded us of the importance of knowing how to filter between good knowledge and bad knowledge and spoke of the value of land-based, hands on learning.


loti framework poster | Neuropsychological Assessment | Communication




Lastly, by using one’s own understanding to crate meaningful moments,

I learned of LoTi or the Levels of Teaching Innovation as described and illustrated below.  Such innovation awareness for educators allows learning to be interactive, inquiry-based, trial and error explanation and guided discovery – vastly different an just searching for information on a device to find a close-ended question answer.




 Daina & Jocelyn stressed that in education, it is teachers who make learning interesting. Some key points were;

  1. Google isn’t always accurate – is it true or fake news?
  2. While Google receives over 63,000 searches on any given time per day, it might be diminishing critical thinking skills
  3. Students can search Google but aren’t taking time to understand process so therefore are losing the ability to think on their feet
  4. Practice, failure and retrying isn’t permitted by utilizing Google


  •  Read to gain info and write to convey it
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Not all students learn and develop at same rate or age
  • Assess learning differently as a means to teaching it to others

Points to ponder and Recommended Views…..

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Technology as a Vehicle for Learning

Well last night’s debate surrounding the value of utilizing technology within the classroom.  @Nancy and @Amanda’s personal, heart touching approach spoke to me and had me 100% convinced of such value from the beginning.  However @Trevor and @Matt came dressed and ready to battle!  I appreciated the devil’s advocate approach the guys took to challenged not only our own paradigms but their own as well! Brilliant on all fronts!

Some key points that resonated with me were;

Additional points to ponder….



My Current “Day in the Life”

COVID-19  …Before March 2020, such an acronym meant nothing.  I continued with status quo, using technology within my Phys.Ed classes as means for formative assessment, peer evaluation, big buddy documenting and FITT principle data tracking.  Weekly Flipgrid videos were recorded for relationship building within my mixed grade groupings.  Most instruction was teacher-directed, or projected in a Word Document or short YouTube video, explaining the lesson goal for the class.

Personally I planned trips with my mom quarterly to some hot destination, visited with family and friends on my deck, restaurants, shared workouts or after work staff room laughs. I ran errands often, anytime, drove my children to their excursions, made meals on the fly and wondered when we could ever slow down….

March 12th, 2020…Slow down….stop.  Life changed in seconds and those with skills to navigate the online world personally and professionally who had shared their knowledge with their students hardly skipped a beat.  The others struggled.  Personally, my days are entirely different.  Scheduled Skype and Teams meeting occur every hour for each class, 3 times a week.  All of my lessons, resources and support networking became iPhone recorded or Youtube uploaded.  Evaluations became encouragement through family active challenges, whole school active goals and mental health check ins for 30 minutes each day. Teacher-directed lessons became inquiry student-led projects.  Being available for connecting with those who didn’t have the means or were lost in the transition was comforting yet heart wrenching. A clear divide of haves and have nots as well as differing needs changed dramatically for my own personal family and for those I teach.

Slow Down, Stop Positives

  • Many children who struggled to learn in the traditional classroom are thriving!
  • Those with access to technology are beyond proficient and are independent self-monitoring students.
  • Parents are seeing the type of learner their child is and are reaching out more than ever before to teachers for advice, learning tips and resource navigation.
  • Traditional education techniques and approaches don’t work thus creating steep learning innovation for all.
  • Types of resources, platforms, and learnings are guided thereby encouraging digital responsibility.

Some were already there, some transitioned quickly, some wanted more time…regardless it’s marvelous!

EC&I 830 Introduction

Hi! I’m Michala.

Did someone say debate? Love the passion that comes with debate and might be a tad competitive but am a humble win or lose!

A little about me….Calgary is my birthplace and still where my extended family resides however we have lived in Regina since 1999.

I am a mom of 2 girls, aged 12 &10 who are my greatest gifts.I am a teacher with Regina Catholic Schools. A teacher who has taught 20 years to children of all ages. Currently I teach Kindergarten-Grade 8 Physical Education teacher at St. Francis Community School in Regina, SK.

A Masters in Curriculum and Instruction continues to be my goal. EC&I83o is my 7th class in the journey and taking my 8th currently now as well.

Anything active outside is my passion and I challenge you to try the same!