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Digitally Lit – A Personal Ed Tech Tagline

Can you hear me now? Think Different. Because you’re worth it. I’m lovin it. Just Do It.

Hi everyone… this blog starts off another Ed Tech course, the fourth course in my Masters of Curriculum and Instruction journey. In the past year, I have taken two Ed Tech courses and have gained much confidence in employing educational technology in my classroom. Last semester, I began teaching my students about digital citizenship using the Common Sense Education series of lessons and curriculum. I’m not only looking forward to our upcoming series of Great Ed Tech Debates, but I am excited to see my classmates debate both sides of the assigned controversial Ed Tech topics. 

I started off this blog differently than usual. I usually begin by reading the prompt and start structuring my thoughts. This time, I was compelled to think of a REALLY catchy blog title first. One that would grab your attention and make you want to read my blog. I began by thinking about some famous company taglines. Just Do It. Think Different. I’m Lovin It. Can you hear me now? And, Because you’re worth it. Strangely, as I read the taglines, I immediately began making connections to my tech life and my Ed Tech life. More on the taglines and my reflections in a bit…

These days…

These days, the ways I use technology are personal, as I am on maternity leave. I use my iPhone to check the news, check the weather, check my email, connect with family, friends, and classmates through text messaging, FaceTime and Discord. I take photos – way too many photos of my kiddos. I use technology to learn online. I watch TV and stream shows. I listen to music. I dabble in some online shopping. And finally, I occasionally check my new Twitter and Instagram accounts. I have become more engaged on these two platforms as part of these masters courses. I’m sure there are other ways I am using technology too.

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Tech and Taglines

As I thought about the taglines that stood out to me, I began to make some connections to my past tech life and my current tech life. 

Verizon Wireless – Can you hear me now? 

This tagline brings back memories of past technologies that have shaped my life. From the first computer my family owned that I used a joystick to play games on, to the new and colourful iMac’s in my elementary schools computer lab, to the trendy baby blue peanut phones my friends and I had, and finally to the first wireless home phone whose battery would die after a couple of hours chatting with my friends. Oh how far technology has come in my lifetime… good times. 

Apple – Think Different

The apple craze. Oh yes. As I finished high school and began university, Apple began its rise in popularity. From iPods (RIP), to iMac’s, MacBooks and iPhones. I, along with my friends, were hooked. We could listen to music, research, and begin to connect on a whole new level. Apple products were the epitome of cool. I spent my hard-earned part-time job money buying Apple products.

McDonald’s – I’m Lovin It. 

Who doesn’t love a McDonald’s meal once in a while? This tagline has served throughout my life, but has the most meaning right now. My master’s journey has coincided with me being a new mom and navigating being a new’ish teacher, having moved schools and teaching assignments each year. Although life is crazy and moving way too fast, I am loving every minute. ‘I’m Lovin It’ is the perfect tagline to describe my crazy tech-enhanced life. I love the conveniences that technology affords me. I also recognize my privilege in having access to technology and being able to enjoy how it serves me. 

Nike – Just Do It 

This is one motto that sticks. Just Do It. As a busy wife, mom and teacher, I often put things on hold or say “I’ll do that later.” This tag line reminds me to prioritize spending time with my family and make memories. Technology makes it possible to do things, but it can also get in the way. I have to check myself when I am on my phone and my toddler son tugs at me for attention. Whether it means heading out for a walk, going to play at the park, or planning a summer vacation to visit some ballparks, life is short and this tagline reminds me to put down my phone, break away from reading the news and connect with the people I love. 

L’Oreal Paris – Because you’re worth it.

This tagline reminds me to take care of myself by both using technology and putting it away. Many of us are guilty of putting our needs on hold, students included. Social media and other technologies can sometimes pull people into a negative world of being sedentary, binge-watching, scrolling, and comparing ourselves to others. Self care is essential. You are worth it. We need to make an effort each day to exercise, go for a walk, and take the time to take some deep mindful breaths. I encourage you, the one reading my blog, to do some self care today.

My Personal Tagline – Digitally Lit

In slang terms, when something is “lit” it means it is awesome, cool, or exciting. Lit is also the abbreviation for the terms literate and literacy. Through the Ed Tech courses I have taken this year, I am learning ways to become more digitally literate myself, and ways I can encourage my students to become digitally literate. Circling back, I have also come to realize that I am not as cool or awesome in the digital world, as I once thought. I have fallen behind. I was once cool, Apple-loving and pretty tech savvy. Now, my iMac is old and slow, my iPod rests in peace in the bottom of my nightstand, and I sport a Dell laptop (whomp whomp). MacBooks aren’t in the budget for teachers.

As someone who is not an overly active participant on social media, this reflection of taglines has me realizing that I am in need of an update… or regular updates. Staying up to date with technology is important for the sake of my teaching and my students. I’m looking forward to learning, critically examining, and honing my Ed Tech skills in this class.

Let me know what you think…

  • Do any famous taglines resonate with your use of technology (past or present)?
  • Do you connect with any of the taglines I mentioned?
  • What would your “Ed Tech Tagline” be?

I look forward to hearing from you.