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App City

It blew my mind when I started to reflect on all of the technology I use and rely on every single day. From the moment I wake up, thanks to my alarm on my Iphone, I am pretty much connected to one device or another. As a vice-principal one of my roles is to manage supervision; so before I even start getting ready for the day, I check my texts and Atrieve (an online portal for staff) to see if anyone is away and what roles/supervisions need to be covered. 

Once I have my three kids up and off to daycare/school I am off to work. Prior to the school day starting I check my email, EDSBY and our school’s shared google calendar. In my current role as a vice-principal and learning resource teacher I primarily do small group interventions, generally literacy based, so I don’t use a lot of technology within my everyday teaching. That being said, I always have my phone on me. Gone are the days of buzzing the office if you need admin. I am always a text away. I also communicate with parents daily using technology. This year Regina Public Schools moved to EDSBY (an online platform for families). I use EDSBY daily to send communication to families, broadcast school events and news, monitor student’s attendance and log any phone calls with families. 

Learning a new platform this year was tricky but worth it. EDSBY allows staff access to attendance, grades, report cards, contacts, messages, the ability to share students work – all on one site.

As a mom of three my phone is app city! I have a sports folder of apps, which I check multiple times a day to plan our evenings and who’s going where. To keep things interesting it seems all of the kids’ sports use different apps. TeamLinkt, Sports Engine & WhatsApp to name a few. I also have a folder dedicated to Education apps which I check daily. All three of my kiddos teachers use Seesaw daily to send pictures, homework, and reminders. I check these apps daily….you don’t want to be the mom who forgets show and tell or a “theme” day (been there – done that).

In my free time, which is limited, I am checking out my social media accounts…Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. I am definitely more of a follower than a contributor. I am also checking in on U of R courses and always seem to have a few google docs on the go. On the rare nights we are not at sports, someone is watching Netflix, Disney Plus, or Prime. I am sure I am forgetting many of the ways we use technology but its Sunday afternoon and I need to check my apps and make sure I am ready for the week!

Until Next Time!