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Is A Star Fish Equivalent to a Sea Star?

Here it is! The first course module for my grade 5 math course prototype. This is an introductory module focused on creating equivalent fractions. The lesson for this module is on creating equivalent fractions. There is a mini lesson for students to view, followed by an assignment to complete from their math textbooks. Following the assignment, student understanding is formatively assessed through the creation of a 1 minute reflection in their Flip Video Math Journal, and then an Edpuzzle exit ticket.

If you would like to try to join my Google Classroom to have a look, the join code is: l5bcal4 I have also done a video walk through of my course module, just in case you’re not able to access my Google Classroom. This is the link to the Daily Board that I mention in my video walk through. If you would like to take a closer look at the different learning tasks I’ve included in this module, you will be able to do so through the Daily Board.

Amy’s Grade 5 Math Course Profile

Below is a slideshow I have created to share my course profile. Within each area of my course profile, I have included my rationale as to why I have developed the course the way that I have. I have created this course with the intent that it is a course framework I would use throughout an entire school year within a grade 5 math classroom. This presentation contains several links to different websites which can be opened by right clicking on the links in the slideshow below. The slideshow can also be found at this link.