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Learning by Teaching Others

Today is August 17 in 2021. I am currently enrolled at the University of Regina in ECS 495 taught by Vivian Gauvin. She has been so flexible to ensure that I get what I need from this course. A part of this flexibility was allowing me to share my knowledge with my small group of peers.

I recently took a course from Katia Hildebrandt named EDTC 300. It had a large focus on Digital Citizenship and use of Educational Technology in the classroom. I was able to define digital citizenship and its nine elements as per Mike Ribble, connect this information to curricula via the Saskatchewan document created by Alec Couros, Katia Hildebrandt and colleagues, share relatable and easily adaptable resources, and have some really fantastic discussion around how each of my peers would apply this to their classrooms. Click here for the presentation.

My hope is you learn something from the presentation but also to add more tools to your ED Tech toolboxes!

Chat soon!