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So What? Now What?

In ECS 495, I was also able to utilize many resources via podcast and/or YouTube. Sometimes I don’t always thrive in auditory learning however, as I become older, I am finding that I am a more well-rounded learner so I really enjoyed listening to peoples’ experiences and thoughts around the topics.

Colinda Clyne uses the quote, “so what? Now what?” in her Anti-Racist Educator Reads podcast. Our professor allowed us to use this type of reflection after listening to some podcasts. I utilized podcasting to respond using the “What? So What? Now what?” model to fulfill this portion of the course. This model focuses on breaking up reflection into meaningful connections. I have dabbled in using this previously and I love it! I grew up with a more traditional way of learning and so I didn’t have the opportunity to do something quite like this. I used the app Anchor to do this but I also really enjoy its user-friendly platform. Anchor would be a great app for getting students started on their podcasting journey.

As I am a lifelong learner, it is key that I continually build my plethora of knowledge whenever possible. To have an opportunity to continue to learn, especially when suggested specific resources, is a blessing! The resources I was able to listen to have helped build my views and strategies for my future classrooms and I am so thrilled to implement them. The main idea that comes to me when I think of the answer to “so what, now what” is that of a quote from Vivian Gauvin, my professor for ECS 495, “Now that I know better, I will be better.” This could not be more true, I am very reflective and I like to take in feedback and new knowledge to better myself for my students and my personal and professional growth.

Please enjoy listening to my reflection on the podcasts I was suggested and visit the links in the description to listen to them for yourself!