The Blog Returns

Fast forward 18 years and here I am blogging once again for university!  My name is Graeme Gieni and welcome to my new blog.  Currently I am a Vice-Principal in Unity, SK in a Pre-K – 6 school within Living Sky School Division.  I graduated back in 2009 from the U of R, with a major in Visual Arts and minor in English.  Outside of school, I enjoy painting (when I can find the time) and building different projects but never seem to have the time to finish them (or so I’m told).  My true passion is with sports, playing a multitude of them myself, officiating, and now coaching my two sons.  This semester I am taking my 2nd and 3rd classes in the TLL program.

photoshop cosmic effectI find that I am comfortable with the use of technology.  When I was teaching PAA courses, I would use CAD with my students and through my Senior Art and Design classes, I would often use photoshop and illustrator.  Now that I no longer teach these courses, most of my tech usage is within my Grade 5/6 room.  We use Google Classroom daily and use many different sites and apps within that class.  Read Theory, No Red Ink, Flocabulary are just a few of my favourites that we frequent often.  I enjoy the use of Google Classroom, as it’s quite easy for me to provide feedback with my students and for them to comment to me on different assignments with issues they might be having.  Feedback from parents is that they enjoy it too as there’s less papers and clutter to get lost in the back and forth from school to home.

I’m looking forward to connecting with all of you this semester and learning some new tricks of the trade!