It’s Raining… Water and Fertilizer

Now the hard part begins – how do I keep everything alive?

At the start of this project, I was nervous about this part as I planted a lot in a short amount of time so the upkeep felt overwhelming. I decided to start with some YouTube videos to get a general idea:


These videos were very helpful, but what really helped was the PictureThis app – I swear it’s just that good that’s why I’m mentioning it twice.

The app allows you to save all the plants uploaded into the app and it gives you a detailed breakdown of when to water, how much to water, and when to fertilize. The app even allows you to set reminders to water and fertilize and a monthly checklist – game changer!

PictureThis app screenshot
PictureThis App

Another amazing feature of the app is the diagnostic tool where the app identifies any issues with your plants and provides you with tips to remedy the issue.

PictureThis app screenshot
PictureThis App

With all this new knowledge (not sure how my brain is storing it all) I went to Costco’s garden center to get the goods. I will admit I didn’t do any research in this part I just let go and let the garden centre tell me what I needed.

Fertilizer and plant food
Fertilizer and Plant Food

Now I just need to follow the watering and fertilizer schedule that I have set up in my app and hopefully, we will see some beautiful flowers and delicious herbs in no time.