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My Techie Day

It was surprising for me to actually write everything out like this in terms of tech used throughout my day. I have said in the past that I am not techie yet as I write this I realize just how much technology I use for both work and home life.

My day with technology starts with checking Twitter, the weather, and Facebook, yes, I am old. 🙂 I communicate with my family and friends via text on and off during the day.  With my kids, we use discord and Kid Messenger to send messages.  I also have various games I play on my phone, word and strategy games are my favourite. 

At work, I am on the computer checking emails, doing attendance, marking, and checking my online daybook for what comes first. I have been using PlanBoard for my daybook for 4 years now and absolutely love it. I do most of my planning for lessons and units online nowadays.  It has been a very long time since I bought a teaching book.  Almost everything comes from the web. Most communication and booking of events happen online at my school.  There are no paper sign-ups for anything anymore.  All system-wide communication is also done online.  Needless to say, I am online a lot during the day.

My class uses Google Classroom and Google chat every day.  I find some students are more open to sending me messages rather than coming up to ask a question.  Some use it all of the time and others just once in a while.  Many of our assignments are on Google Classroom and the students and I do research on our laptops daily.  I like Google Classroom because there is no need to print and waste paper.  I assign, mark, and return online.  When students are away they can access our assignments without having to come in for homework.  This was a game-changer during Covid.  It was so much easier to get work to the students.  Having said that there were students we needed to lend laptops to.  There were also a couple of students who didn’t have internet and so they needed things printed for them.  Tech is great when you have access to it. 

In the evenings my use of tech is FaceTime with my sister and even white noise for the night and my alarm clock for the morning.  Tech is used throughout the day in my home and at work.