Take Away : Learning Summary. EC&I 830

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my learning summary. I can not believe we have come to an end of this journey. I did not have any idea what I am about to learn. I knew it would be somewhat about technology. At first I was feeling, this is not my cup of tea. But thanks to professor Katia, she made it easy. I got deeper understanding of association of technology and education, as I discussed with my friend and mentor Mishti after the debate. She is the one who recommended me to take this course.

When I was signing up for the debate, I was thinking what left to debate for these topics. Because it felt there is nothing to debate. Every statements seemed to be true! We have debated on five contemporary issues of educational technology. Like technology enhances education, social media ruining childhood, AI technology revolutionizes education for the better, cell phone should be banned in class room and finally technology has led to a more equitable society.

Eventually as I heard from both sides, my opinion got shifted. Debaters made think there is no right or wrong answers in terms of technology. As long as we know how to use them appropriately. It is true technology also comes with its baggage. Change is always unsettling. So blending and balancing our life-style with technology is tricky. It will take lots of work.

The world of technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, shaping the way we work, communicate, learn and live. It will evolve regardless where we stand. When it comes to technology, some people may feel it is taking over our lives and that we need to go back to the analog ways of the past, but I don’t see technology as a problem. I feel we should be flexible and embrace it both personally and professionally.

The current generations only know the world as Internet and screen-based. These kids are used to gaining information with a mere tap on a screen. It’s very different than how things used to be done and even more different than how we could’ve ever imagined. We need to educate our new generation with these new digital tools in order to maximize their potential and give them ownership of their own academic trajectory. Students have more voice than ever before, and showing them how to use it in positive and learning-inclined ways can empower them to success.

In my learning summary video, I have discussed the comprehensive overview of the debate topics. Please excuse my amateur work. I know I look like a zombie in there and I do not want to go into details of all typical obstacles while making this video. For the record, tried to film  probably more than 50 times and my laptop  probably hanged 6/7 times along with other things.

I want to thank you all my classmates and professor Katia. Have a good day. Stay safe.



My final overview… On Contemporary Issues in Educational Technology.

Hi, everyone!! Welcome to my Summary of Learning.

My experience in the Modern Issues in Educational Technology course has been immensely enlightening and life-changing. Engaging with my peers and our professor has created a vibrant and cooperative learning atmosphere. My understanding of the topic has expanded as a result of my classmates’ varied viewpoints and views, and the professor’s knowledge and advice have been very helpful when addressing difficult concepts. In addition to creating a strong sense of community, the engaging conversations and group projects have enhanced the learning process’s impact and enjoyment. All things considered, this course has not only expanded my understanding of educational technology but also motivated me to use these ideas in my teaching.

Hopefully!!!! you enjoying.

Navigating the Future: Integrating Cutting-Edge Technology in Today’s Classroom

Summary of Learning

Today, I am excited to share my learning journey in the EC&I 830 course. This course has been a transformative experience, allowing me to delve even deeper into the intersection of technology and education. Through various debates, assessments, and reflections, I have gained valuable insights I am eager to share.

View my Summary of Learning here:


Engagement with Technology in Education

Throughout the course, we critically examined the role of technology in education and its impact on the classroom environment. One significant theme was the digital divide and its impact on equitable access to educational resources. Reflecting on the blog post titled Bridging the Digital Divide: Reflections on an Equitable Technology Debate, I realized the importance of addressing not just the availability of devices but also reliable internet access and digital literacy training. In my classroom, I plan to advocate for programs that provide devices to students who lack them and to work closely with community organizations to ensure students can access reliable internet. Additionally, incorporating digital literacy into the curriculum will help students navigate and utilize technology effectively and responsibly.

A crucial aspect of engaging with technology in the classroom is ensuring that students have access to the tools and understand how to use them properly. As a teacher, I must teach the proper use and full potential of each educational technology I integrate into my lessons. This includes providing clear instructions, offering hands-on training sessions, and continuously supporting students as they become proficient users of these technologies. By doing so, I can help students maximize the benefits of educational technology and enhance their learning experiences.

The debates on the impact of technology in the classroom were particularly enlightening. Drawing insights from The Great Debate on Technology in the Classroom, it became clear that while technology can enhance learning, it requires careful planning and professional development for effective integration. For example, interactive whiteboards and educational apps can make lessons more engaging and interactive. However, technology should support pedagogical goals rather than distract or disengage students. Therefore, I plan to integrate technology to complement my teaching objectives, such as using digital tools for collaborative projects, simulations, and virtual field trips that enhance the curriculum content.

Artificial Intelligence and Ethical Considerations

Another crucial topic was the integration of artificial intelligence in education. In the blog post AI in Education: Revolutionizing Learning or Risking the Future?, I explored the potential of AI to personalize learning and automate tasks. AI-driven tools can provide personalized learning experiences by adapting to individual student needs and offering real-time feedback, significantly enhancing learning outcomes. For example, I can tailor lessons to fit each student’s pace and learning style using AI-powered platforms like adaptive learning software. However, this potential comes with ethical concerns, such as data privacy, the risk of algorithmic bias, and the need for transparency in AI decision-making processes.

To address these, I will ensure that any AI tools used in my classroom comply with privacy laws and ethical standards, and I will educate my students about the implications of AI in their learning. Additionally, I will emphasize that AI is meant to be used as a tool to guide learning, not as a shortcut to avoid learning. Teaching my students to use these tools properly will help set them on an ethical path, ensuring they understand the importance of using technology responsibly and effectively to enhance their educational journey.

Cell Phones in Education

The impact of cell phones in the classroom was another significant area of exploration. In the blog post The Impact of Cell Phones in the Classroom, I reflected on how cell phones can be both a valuable educational tool and a source of distraction. The key takeaway was the importance of developing clear policies and strategies to manage cell phone use, ensuring they contribute positively to the learning environment. For instance, implementing a ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) policy can allow students to use their phones for educational purposes such as research, collaboration on group projects, and accessing digital textbooks. However, setting boundaries and establishing guidelines to minimize distractions is crucial, such as designating specific times for cell phone use and encouraging responsible digital citizenship.

I am against banning phones in classrooms because they can offer significant educational benefits. However, I understand that each teacher and their classroom management techniques are responsible for cellphone usage. It is up to teachers to create an environment where cell phones are used productively and where students are taught to use them responsibly.

Overall Reflections

Reflecting on the entire EC&I 830 course, I noted how the course challenged us to think critically about the role of technology in education. It pushed us to consider ethical implications, equity issues, and the long-term impact of our technological choices. The debates and assessments fostered a deeper understanding of the benefits and challenges of integrating technology into our teaching practices. For instance, the debate on the digital divide highlighted the disparities in access. It motivated me to seek innovative solutions, such as partnering with local businesses to provide resources and creating after-school programs focused on digital skills.

It is essential to continue learning about the depths of educational technology and the surrounding context to stay updated with the ever-evolving digital world. This ongoing learning will better equip me to support my students and adapt to new challenges and opportunities.


In conclusion, the EC&I 830 course has been an eye-opener, providing me with valuable insights into the complexities of technology in education. It has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to navigate the digital landscape thoughtfully and responsibly. My biggest takeaway has been the realization that technology, when used thoughtfully and ethically, has the power to transform education and bridge gaps. As I move forward, I am committed to advocating for equitable access to technology, critically assessing new tools, and ensuring that our use of technology always aligns with our educational goals and values. This journey has deepened my understanding and reinforced my commitment to being a reflective and adaptive educator who leverages technology to enhance learning while addressing its challenges head-on.

Thank you for listening. I look forward to continuing this journey of learning and growth with you.

“Keep pushing the limits when it comes to learning more about technology in the classroom. Start the conversations and keep them going. Challenge others’ perspectives and allow them to challenge yours. This is the work that matters for navigating the digital world.” – Ally

Summary of Learning (Embracing Educational Technology) – ECI 830

As I reminisce on my experience going through the educational technology course, I am happy to offer the pinnacle of my learning in the form of a narrative video. This video is more than just a recap; it represents my extensive involvement with the course material, critical debates, and growing understanding that I’ve gained over time.

In the video, I discuss a variety of new trends and concerns in educational technology. From disputes over technology’s impact on equity to the sensitive subject of cell phones in classrooms, each segment emphasises a major theme I explored during the course. These conversations not only enlarged my perspective but also provided me with the analytical abilities required to understand and contribute to contemporary debates in EdTech.

The video’s essence comes from the integration of significant insights and my observations. Engaging in public conversation, creating blog articles, and participating in discussions were all part of my learning experience. The film captures these events, demonstrating how they influenced my perspectives and expanded my understanding of technology’s diverse role in education. I am excited to share it with you. Thank you for watching and participating in this reflective study of my educational technology journey.

The Sum of the Learning!

Reflecting on how much we have covered in this class in such a short time, I realized it was incredibly difficult to do justice to what I have learned in this video! I could have talked at length about each debate. Instead, I stuck with the similarities I noticed across all the debates and where I think we can move forward. The one thing we know for certain is that the world has changed, and whatever side of the Great EdTech Debates we landed on, we are all tasked with supporting our children and students in navigating a digital world.

It has been wonderful meeting and working with you all! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer.

It’s a Hangover Reference! Summary of Learning :P

Can’t believe the class is over already! It’s been a whirlwind and I have greatly enjoyed listening to everybody’s debates and perspectives. The more we can think about and analyze these topics at a deeper level, the more we can begin to understand the ramifications of using technology in the classroom. This includes how it affects our student’s learnings, but it also includes how technology affects the world as a whole. Below is my Summary of Learning. Go easy on me.

Sorry for the informality of it, but I had a lot of fun making this. I was giggling like a child the whole time. If you don’t have the same sense of humour that is okay. A lot of what I discussed was elaborated in great detail by all of you and I wouldn’t have been able to make it (well at least the more thoughtful parts) without all of your hard work throughout this semester! Thanks!


Summary of learning


Oh! This course has been so simple and easy and I thank Katia for this wonderful method that she employed in getting us ready for it!!

I was quite apprehensive when I began because it was a 3-week course and I was supposed to travel to India and my dad was supposed to have a knee replacement surgery sometime in between. But it worked perfectly.

There were many insights that I gleaned from the course I have come to appreciate the learning that we all engaged in and have been inspired to do better, both in the classroom and in my home.

For all those who have not completed their courses, hope to meet up in the coming months, and for all those who are done, Congratulations!!

Summary of Learning

This summer session has flown by and I am grateful to have been able to take this class with all of you. I enjoyed learning more about contemporary ed-tech issues and seeing both sides of the arguments. Everyone did an excellent job preparing and sharing their information to justify why we should side with your group. Well done! And of course, thank you to Katia for instructing another great class!


Attached is a link to my summary of learning video.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their summer and good luck with the remainder of your masters program. Take care,



Build a school in the cloud

I have always been surprised to realize how technology can be used by people who do not even know English. This story is about a gentleman called Sugata Mitra who has developed digital literacy in India, and around the world, without teachers. He puts a computer in the wall with a high-speed internet connection and leaves it for children to explore. See the video to realize the extent of the development of knowledge of the students.

The link to the video is here.

This is Goodbye… (but not really because everything stays on the internet forever…)

Below is my summary of learning! What a ride this course has been. I wanted to give a shout-out to literally everyone because the debates were fantastic and we all crushed this super-fast course. If you are interested in the links to any of the sources that have helped me over this semester and that influenced the writing in the summary of learning they are all linked in the blog posts previous! I tried to be as authentic as possible, but I only have like 7 minutes so it might be a bit brief – for more in-depth analysis and a peak into my brain check out the blogs previous to this one (did I say that already? It’s a shameless plug – like a professor saying “buy my book!” – we’ve all been there).



Cheers to the summer (and a big shout out to my husband for patiently helping me make this video (and I do mean saintly patience), and cheers to a technology-inclusive and adapting school year ahead. Stay techie and remember you are doing the best you can,