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Technology has lead to a more equitable society

This is a debate topic that I struggle with, coming from a third world country with a glaring disparity in the distribution of wealth, technology has certainly not lead to a more equitable society in my country. But then maybe then maybe its different in a first world country like Canada where, maybe technology is made available to all students by the government of the school district, thus ensuring all students are using similar devices.

This is not the case in all countries, as in my country because of limited resources the availability of devices is not the same at all schools. Hence there is no equity. Even during the onset of the pandemic and we had to move to virtual school, some students where able to afford laptops while others only had a smart phone and still many others had nothing. So this topic left me undecided.

What are your views?

Social media is ruining childhood

Really though, who can honestly deny this? An unchecked, unbridled reign to roam social media is and will definitely ruin a child’s childhood. The dark mirky waters of social media with all the predators lurking behind this next mouse click poses a real threat to the innocence of our children. So, do we lock them away from it? No, certainly not, but we must put in some measure of control and balance their time with other activities, other tried and proven activities, like riding a bike, playing with friends (in the same physical space) or visiting the library and reading a book.

Just my views, what are yours? let the debate continue

Technology in the classroom enhances learning….

Let the great debate continue…what are your views? I think it definitely enhances learning and helps to level the ‘education playing field’ for students with disabilities, because as technology advances more devices are invented that makes it easier for students with disabilities to learn as their counterparts without disabilities do. This promotes diversity and inclusivity. Plus this generation of students (whether its good or bad) they have been brought up on on technology.

My parents used the slate and the slate pencil.–914862395072765/ this was their technology.

I used the calculator to aid my learning in high school. why then shouldn’t we allow this generation the opportunity to use the technology that is currently available to them. Both groups of debates put forward convincing arguments regarding technology in the classroom… I am in agreement in the arguments posited by Will and Mike.

A question for my colleagues who teach in Canada

Do you have a the challenge or find that many of your students have engaged in the practice of posting revealing pictures of themselves online? This has become very popular in my country and the trend is worrying. I see students in uniforms (they wear uniforms in my country) posting pictures and videos of themselves in what can only be described as compromising positions. I am concerned about how this will affect them in the years to come…When they seek to transition to higher education, how will there ‘digital footprint’ be viewed? How will a potential employer view this when considering to employ them?

So is this a widespread phenomenon happening in your country? Should we as educators be concerned for this generation and the effects it will have on them career wise in the future? Or is it much a do about nothing…. Do share your thoughts below

Have you ever thought about your digital identity?

As an adult do you consider your digital identity? Do you take the necessary precautions? I certainly do! I am mindful about what I post, the information I leave behind, essentially I try to be responsible about what I put out there in cyberspace.

But what about students, should we as teachers take on the responsibilities of guiding them about their digital identity? I think so. I think we should take on this responsibility in the same way we teach students how to cross the road, or as we pass on the norms and values of the society so too we should teach them about being responsible “netizens”. I don’t think we should ever abdicate our role as molders of tomorrows’ generation today.

OpenAI -ChatGPT

What was your first reaction to ChatGPT?

I was literally BLOWN away! I was in shock when I saw a demonstration of its capabilities, I couldn’t wait to share with my colleagues this awesome application…but then as I gradually return to ‘earth’ and started to consider the magnitude of the power of this application I became concerned. I am still in awe of its capabilities but I am worried about the type of impact this will have on teaching and learning…

What are your thoughts?

About me

My name is George Lewis, I am an educator for over thirty years, a Jamaican by birth this is my first time in the province of Saskatchewan and by extension, first time in Regina. I have a heathy appreciation for technology and recognize and appreciate its importance in the teaching and learning process.

Presently I am a full time student, however a typical day in my working life involves a heavy dependence on the computer, from checking my personal and work emails and responding to those that require a response, to drafting letters and other correspondences to stakeholders. Checking students progress online using the learning management system, conducting as well as joining meetings online. Typically I interact with Microsoft Suit especially Word and Excel (sometimes Access), Google Docs, Zoom, and LMS. I guess you can assume that I am an administrator and not a classroom teacher at this time


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Change remains a constant. Over the course of the past three years, the education sector has gone through one of the greatest periods of rapid development due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Distance education though not a new concept, had to be rapidly deployed and adopted to ensure continued instruction. The digital divide and existing resource gaps continue to be an issue. Despite this, we note the development. We take the learnings from this period in shaping the future of education. We consider the developments in technology which change the way we interact with our surroundings.

Society Changes. Problems Change. Methods Change.

Are we malleable enough and receptive enough to change?

Hello World!

Welcome to my first blog post…Guess what I am now enrolled at U of R and its my first time experiencing – 12 degrees (or any – degrees for that matter)… But I am ready for this new experience…