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The Learning Journey

An Introduction of Me

The journey continues, 20 years ago when I was completing my internship my cooperating teacher said “if you’re not evolving an changing with the times, then are you still being an effective teacher?” Here I sit “blogging” several years into my teaching career taking my second masters class in order to keep up with the ever changing times in education. Are there days when I feel like a dinosaur and technology illiterate,  absolutely.

My name is Leona Stephen and this is my 19th year teaching with Regina Public Schools. During my career I have had a variety of different experiences, I spent 14 years at Balfour Collegiate teaching science and physed, being a Core Leader of science, as well as coaching the Senior Girls Volleyball team. After my 13th year at Balfour, I had an itch to try something new, so I made an application to become a Science Specialist at one of the new P3 elementary schools that were being built in Regina.

Last day at Balfour Collegiate, 2017

September of 2017 I started teaching at Harbour Landing Elementary School. What a learning curve for four years, two years teaching 3-8 science and 2 years in a 7/8 classroom. So many great memories and fabulous colleagues. To start out my 19th year I made the move back to high school, my true love, the place where I feel connected with my students.  I am currently teaching at W.F Johnson Collegiate in Science and Physical Education.

Today I feel nervous and excited to continue my learning journey as a student and educator. I am excited to be a part of ESCI 834 this term because I feel like I’m going to grow and learn significantly from my engagement in class and with my peers. I’m nervous because I’ve always shied away from using technology, simply ask my students I often say several times a week “technology and I have a love hate relationship.”

This term my goals for class would be to become more adept and well versed in the use of online platforms as teaching tools. To gain more confidence to use new technology more regularly in my science and physed classrooms. Lastly, to enjoy the journey of learning from dinosaur to tech savvy.

Until next class!