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Summary of Learning

Hi all! Laura Gaboury and I created  a podcast: “Geeky Gurus: Janeen and Laura’s Edu-Tech Extravaganza!” for our summary of learning — take a listen! You can find our resources below.  Resources Abe, P., & Jordan, N. A. (2013). Integrating social media into the classroom curriculum. About Campus: Enriching the Student Learning Experience, 18(1), 16–20. … Continue reading "Summary of Learning"

Open education and the lessons we learned in kindergarten

I get the frustration teachers have with the freeloaders — people that just take, take, take resources, and don’t share (or create) anything themselves. We’ve all experienced that frustration, and to be honest it’s really difficult not to fall into the trap of selfishness. I won’t share anything because you aren’t sharing anything with me. … Continue reading "Open education and the lessons we learned in kindergarten"