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Artificial Intelligence, Actually Indisposed

Listing to Dr. Couros talk and walk us through a variety of online Artificial Intelligence tools was a trip. I felt like a bobble head, just nodding my head from side to side in a range of emotions – wonder, awe, disbelief, amazement, even a little bit of fear. When exploring ChatGPT, I was amazed

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Generate a Title for a Blog About AI for a Master’s Level Education Course…

This week we looked at some of the options that are available in the new world of AI tools and to say I was blown away would be an understatement… I used to share this video in my ELA class about the power of poetry… near the end it talks about a 2016 Dartmouth research … More Generate a Title for a Blog About AI for a Master’s Level Education Course…

Chat GPT & AI

My intial reactions to Chat GPT and the overnight boom of AI was intially deep apprehension. I thought this is it the end is near. What will happen to future generations? However, I saw this post about Chat GPT on TikTok and it gives an interesting perspective on how AI and how, if regulated properly, […]