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Summary of Learning

I have learned a lot of new things from different perspectives during this class. I would like to thank my all classmates for sharing their knowledge and experiences. Also, I appreciate how our instructor Katia has given us the freedom to express ourselves in the way we want to. Thanks for keeping things so flexible.

Summary of Learning

I enjoyed this course and the format Katia used to engage us in the current and emerging trends, issues, and developments in educational technology. The critical discussions we engaged in through The Great EdTech Debate will stay with me throughout my continuing endeavors with technology. Everyone debated their topics with passion and made compelling arguments. The video highlights the key points I took from each topic.

Thank you to Katia and all of you. I have learned so much from each of you and even changed some of my thoughts on all of the issues presented. I wish you all the best in the remainder of your courses. This is my last course in my Masters of Curriculum and Instruction and I am glad I ended taking this course with you. It was valuable to my learning experience!

Culmination of Learning…and a Thousand Paper Cuts

If there was no time limit this video would have been at least 15 minutes. The writer in me got a little carried away, that lead to cuts, then more cuts and more cuts. All the little lines I treasured got tossed to the side. Even then it’s a few seconds over (15 with citations). There’s a reason my film degree was not in production.

On a side note the music I used from WeVideo gave me a copyright strike. First video ever uploaded and I got a copyright strike. Seems fitting.

Best of luck to everyone, whether you are done your masters journey or just beginning.

EC& I 830 – Summary of Learning

Dear colleagues, it has been an absolute pleasure working with you during our time together in EC&I 830! Thank you for all of your work during our respective debate topics. Well done!

Please enjoy my Summary of Learning for EC&I 830. I used WeVideo to create this artifact. Believe it or not, but this was the first time working through WeVideo, and I was pretty happy with the results! All the best to everyone!

Debate#8 Online education is detrimental to the social and academic development of children.

 Online learning has surged in popularity recently in a world dominated by digital technologies. The COVID-19 epidemic has inspired innovative approaches to education. To continue educating students, educational institutions all across the world are turning to online learning platforms. We listened to an interesting discussion about whether or not online schooling is bad for kids’ social and academic development on Monday night. Colton, Britney S., and Kayla, who were on the agreeing side, asserted that internet education is bad for kids’ growth. While in an effort to show that online education does not harm children’s social and academic development, the opposing group Christopher, Arkin, and Katherine tried to present evidence to the contrary. The main point discussed by agree team was the digital divide. Lack of access to reliable high-speed internet and a one-to-one device for online learning among the most struggling students. The coronavirus epidemic has highlighted the negative impacts of the digital gap in education, keeping instructors and students in the dark due to a lack of access to technology and digital literacy. Restricting access to knowledge, also makes people less knowledgeable. Teachers only comprehend the absolute basics of technology. In some cases, they even lack the equipment and resources required to conduct online classes.

Digital divide

Another point mentioned by agree team is the difficulty of maintaining attention on a computer for extended periods of time is one of the largest obstacles to online learning for many students. Students are more likely to become quickly distracted by social media or other websites when they are learning online. Moreover, In the company of their peers, students can pick up a lot of knowledge. On the other hand, there are very few in-person encounters between students and lecturers in an online course. For the pupils, this frequently creates a feeling of isolation. This article is shared by agree team suggested that With the rise of online learning, mental health is compromised. The article discusses in detail how prolonged online learning can leave students mentally exhausted. It also looks at how social isolation brought on by a lack of social interactions affects young people’s feelings of loneliness and motivation. The essay goes on to highlight further issues, including the increased tension and anxiety that students experience because of a lack of routines and the distractions they encounter at home when attempting to pay attention in class.

However,  disagree team also did a great job  Christopher, Arkin, and Katherine presented that online education has grown in popularity because of its benefits for students, which include flexibility, inclusion, and greater class participation and concentration. Students can work and learn from the convenience of their homes while enrolled in an online course. They can access all the information they require in similar formats to how they previously studied through online webinars, lectures, tutoring, and other digital learning resources. They can even connect with students from around the world without ever leaving their homes by using these resources to learn. The cheaper expenses of online education for children are a significant benefit. Children benefit from online learning since it is more economical and efficient. These online classes provide an accessible learning environment and are readily available online.  Furthermore, online learning provides an opportunity for all students to take part in class discussions and to ask and respond to questions. The virtual environment of webinars and small online class groups makes students typically feel more involved and comfortable offering their thoughts during class discussions, especially for those who might find speaking in front of classmates in a physical setting frightening. Not only this, students can get access to all audio and written materials. This means that students can access and browse through the material and resources whenever they want if they are having trouble understanding a subject or want to learn more about it to make it “stick. The internet can provide many people with disabilities considerable opportunities, even though accessibility is still a problem. Access to the internet is not a detrimental experience for people with numerous impairments. The network offers a variety of opportunities for social connection and disclosure that may not be there when talking with people face to face in an analog context. The internet offers a variety of opportunities for work, play, and commerce for those who have trouble navigating the traditional world.

To summarize nothing is flawless, including the online study technique. While it undoubtedly has drawbacks, it can also be extremely helpful in some dire circumstances. For many schools and their pupils, the COVID-19 pandemic-related lockdown, for instance, was a blessing in disguise technologically advanced day, online learning is beneficial in many ways, Effective time management is provided through e-learning. Additionally, it encourages kids to learn. It increases academic achievement and has endless potential. We can combine our work, family, and academic responsibilities with the help of the online program. Since it’s hard for them to interact in a classroom setting, shy pupils find it simpler to communicate and comprehend but traditional classroom settings still have numerous advantages that should not be completely disregarded.  I think we should now benefit from both physical and online classes Students receive knowledge and instruction from it, which facilitates learning On the other hand, some subjects are better taught in classroom settings as opposed to online courses. As a result, we can also say that the subject matter and student demographics significantly impact how well online learning works.

Summary of Learning

Wow! This course was quick. I want to share my Summary of Learning through this video. This is the first time I have made a video alone; though I faced a few challenges but did my best. I hope you all will like it. It has been an incredible journey for me and I am obliged to gain knowledge from everyone. All the debates were amazingly performed and the participants shared some great points.

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Gunpreesh Kaur 🙂

Online education is detrimental to the social and academic development of children

People are reading books sitting on a laptop. Online education concept. Illustration.

This was such an interesting debate for me because I have enjoyed the benefits of online learning and I do respect the fact that it is such a blessing that cannot be denied. Cartoon cute doodles School banner design. Colorful illustrationHowever, if I am to focus on the keywords of this topic, I will agree that it is truly detrimental to the social and academic development of children.

Facts about online learning include convenience, flexibility, and accessibility which are the major advantages for me. Toddler girl with laptop and toys in bedBeing able to hold classes no matter the location and at convenience makes online learning juicy. This does not rule out the fact that it takes much more discipline, determination, and motivation to complete assigned tasks in online learning. It does not have the same feel as being in the classroom physically and collaborating with students. Oftentimes, it is easy to fall for the comfort online learning affords and not work at the same pace if learning in person.

There has been a lot of debate on how much screen time has a negative effect on students’ attention span and a host of health related issues. It does not give room for students to adequately develop some essential skills such as collaboration, communication skills, social cues, and many more which they could easily develop by being in the midst of other students in person. It gives room for students to feel isolated I am also of the opinion that this can contribute to students lagging behind in their studies which might be due to their learning environment. Asian man sleeping while working form home on sofa

Online learning elongates the amount of time they get to spend on a screen which is not good for them. It’s no gainsaying that it does widen the socio-economic gap in the society as some people are able to afford all the things needed to learn successfully online while some cannot.

Despite all the factors limiting online learning, I think that a good blend of it with in-person will be good. Students sure need to learn self-discipline, intrinsic motivation, and other essential skills that online learning affords them. Asian girl student online learning in class study.Online video call with teacher.Child girl eating rice congee breakfast with laptop at home.New normal.Covid-19 coronavirus.Social distancing.stay home